I brought a visitor back with me from AZ…Beto! Since we weren’t going to make it home for his mission farewell he was able to fly out and spend a few days with us. It was his very first flight and I was so happy to have a traveling buddy. And I know Juan was so stoked to be able to spend some one on one time with his brother. We loved showing him around and eating at all our favorite spots. We partied hard and tried to knock out as many things as possible in the short time he was here. We spent a lot of time in the city. The Aquarium, the Coke Factory, The Atlanta History Center, The Zoo! No matter what city we are in, I always love a trip to the zoo. This was definitely one of my favorites. Hardly anyone there and all the animals were so close! photo IMG_2319_zpsweijsdgg.jpgI tried to get them to take nice normal pictures together, but apparently that was too much to ask for. Here these goobers outside of Juan’s go to spot, Chase’s Wingery.
 photo IMG_2194_zps0lrpmlku.jpgIt was crazy how much the trees changed after being gone for only a week!
 photo IMG_2253_zpsxdazdgvf.jpgChillin’ with Santa at the Atlanta History Center.  photo IMG_2334_zps8ym8mnna.jpg photo IMG_2269_zpsteu1fcji.jpg
 photo IMG_2270_zpsbookbfdl.jpg Obviously all of my dreams came true at this very second. Isn’t he so beautiful! photo IMG_2344_zpsygz2ida8.jpg  photo IMG_2341_zps2qnyhfi9.jpg photo IMG_2330_zpswrymt3un.jpg  photo IMG_2338_zps44xmohmi.jpg  photo IMG_2331_zpsdpqays4o.jpg photo IMG_2329_zpswmwem0c0.jpgWe LOVED the gorilla exhibit. We stayed and watched them for a solid hour. They were equal parts hilarious, majestic, adorable, and so humanlike. Honestly, we could have watched them all day! Gah, and the red panda. I mean look at him.
 photo IMG_2343_zpschoqb4pa.jpg The little stinker was sleeping so I couldn’t get a good picture, and when he woke up he kept hiding! But isn’t it the most gorgeous, fluffiest, cutest creature you ever did see? photo IMG_2345_zpsgh1yfb8n.jpg  photo IMG_2333_zps5bhia7we.jpg  photo IMG_2378_zpsqx2w4rja.jpgA decent picture of some more than decent people. This was the last time we saw Beto before he set off for Guatemala. We’re going to miss him so much!

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