Even though we’re still kickin’ it in Georgia, I was lucky enough to fly home for Alyssa’s farewell and see her off. It was pretty bizarre “visiting” home. I couldn’t tell what felt more like a dream, living in Georgia or being in Arizona.  photo IMG_2152_zps9eqg6z2k.jpgThis was also the first time Juan and I would be a part for more than 24 hours since we’d been engaged. When he was dropping me off at the airport I started crying (shocker) and he got a good laugh out of that ha. It seemed like all I had wanted to do was go home, but at that moment it really hit me that I love how much time he and I have been able to spend together. And flying all by myself and leaving him home by himself for a week just broke my heart a little bit. Silly, I know. But I’m glad that we like each other. And being away from each other just confirmed that. Annnnnd I guess Juan missed me too… photo IMG_2321_zpstgm6ncye.jpgBest surprise ever.

Lyssa nailed her talk. And with it being her farewell I got to see a lot of my extended family and visit with them. I loved seeing everyone!
 photo IMG_2262_zpsr9e62ng7.jpg

And now for a nauseating amount of floral print.
 photo IMG_2320_zps3jle4bci.jpgTry not to get too dizzy. Of course my Grammie insisted we take this picture ha! Looks like a bridesmaid disaster. It also happened to be Natalie’s birthday that same weekend I was down, so we all got to have one last little celebration before Alyssa left.
 photo IMG_2324_zpsbrukabjj.jpgI have a love-hate relationship with missions. I love how exciting it all is and I love the special moments we get to have as a family. Seeing my siblings get set apart as missionaries have been such a wonderful spiritual experience for me. But then there’s the crying and the leaving and the crying some more. That’s the part I’m not too fond of. And this time it was especially strange because she’s the last one to leave. Everyone’s growing up all at once and I don’t like it! But we’re so blessed to have these opportunities and so blessed to have to missionaries out serving!
 photo IMG_2322_zps9mgfxyb0.jpg
 photo IMG_2328_zpsahwcze1f.jpg
 photo IMG_2172_zpssbmrdp3q.jpg18 months couldn’t go by fast enough! ❤

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