photo image_zpsve8ic2cx.jpeg
 photo image_zpsy1xv9lhc.jpeg
 photo image_zpsembwz8nq.jpeg
 photo image_zpsptubzjny.jpeg
 photo image_zpsi7i1twea.jpeg
 photo image_zpsbzobya8w.jpeg
 photo image_zpsikdytxs0.jpeg
 photo image_zps8lvbblmg.jpegMy baby sister trusted me enough to take some mission pictures for her before she headed off to Minnesota. Isn’t she just the most beautiful? Over the past 5 years or so Alyssa and I have grown pretty close and I just love her sassiness and love for life. Sister really are the best friends to have! I’m just so amazed my her courage and willingness to serve. In fact, watching now all of my siblings prepare to serve a mission has helped me gain an incredible respect and love for each of them. I’m just so stinkin’ proud of those kids!

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