photo IMG_2038_zpsisib4hma.jpg
 photo IMG_2052_zpsqxyzsgvd.jpg
 photo IMG_2051_zpsxcx76bsg.jpg
 photo IMG_2050_zps3ufyj9gz.jpg
 photo IMG_2058_zpslnag9x60.jpg
 photo IMG_2039_zpsm8unlzrl.jpg
 photo IMG_2059_zpscfd7iume.jpg
 photo IMG_2056_zpsaqz6ffjz.jpg
 photo IMG_2049_zpsvwxucrua.jpg
 photo IMG_2054_zpsvduwbw9u.jpg
 photo IMG_2055_zps7yzdxa9z.jpg
 photo IMG_1999_zpsybb4dtx5.jpgOur last tourist stop was the ever famous World of Coca-Cola. Now while none of us are huge Coca-Cola fans, it was still a pretty cool experience. You got to learn a lot about it’s history, see how and where they make it, etc. At one point they show this like 6 minute movie of happy moments and when the lights turned on for some reason we were all crying ha! Besides the never ending free Coca-Cola throughout the tour, at the end they had a room with all the Coca-Cola products from all around the world. It was a soda drinkers heaven. There was some pretty gnarly flavors as well as some delicious ones! Asia is holding out on us man. After our sugar high we met up with Juan at The Crossing. One of our favorite restaurants down the street from us. It used to be an old train station and then was converted into a steakhouse. The train still runs RIGHT past it, so you have to yell across the table at times haha. But it’s seriously the best place! Some scenes from the movie Mother’s Day were filmed here too!

As silly as it seems, I’ll never be able to thank my family for coming out to see us! It meant the absolute world to me and seeing some familiar faces was just the boost that I needed!!

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