photo IMG_2086_zps47ce13nf.jpg
 photo IMG_2048_zpsckvpi5tg.jpg
 photo IMG_2045_zpsehlrfqq6.jpg
 photo IMG_2047_zps0bm8b5xx.jpg photo IMG_2046_zpsey7xms52.jpg
 photo IMG_2057_zpsdxoljnyk.jpgPer my dad’s request, we spent an afternoon hiking up Stone Mountain. And let me tell you, it’s very accurately named. The entire mile up was just a giant granite slab. Not sure why I was expecting some nice dirt trails. It was good for us to get outside and stretch our legs (since we had spent most the week eating our little hearts out). It was also AMAZING to above the trees. Now the trees here are green and beautiful and majestic. But they are also everywhere making you feel more or less trapped and claustrophobic. Being an AZ native, I’ve missed the mountains on the horizon, I’ve missed the giant sky and the killer sunsets. I can’t tell you how exhilarating it was to be above those trees! Even if we were all feelin’ it in our legs the next day.

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