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 photo IMG_2140_zpsvcitz0w2.jpg photo IMG_1963_zpsfozayxuj.jpg
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 photo IMG_2128_zps4of0gdau.jpg
 photo IMG_2129_zpsasuogacd.jpg

Last week my dear little family came all the way out to Georgia to visit us. As Juan predicted, I cried so hard when they got here and I cried so hard when they left. I guess I miss them or something. Seeing as this is the longest I’ve ever been away from home, I was kind of struggling. Don’t get me wrong, Georgia is AMAZING. But nothing beats home, nothing beats family. Their first full day here after church we were able to show them around our little town and enjoy the incredible weather. I kept having to convince myself that they were actually here! It was so nice just to walk around and talk and laugh with them. And as a side note, with my ample amounts of free time here down south, I took it upon myself to make my sister a quilt to take on her mission. Turns out it’s cold in Minnesota! But I was pretty happy with how it turned out, and might just have to make one for myself!

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