photo IMG_2122_zpsity0kmez.jpg
 photo IMG_2124_zpsrk0lmsgp.jpg
 photo IMG_2123_zpspabbnhe8.jpg
 photo IMG_2132_zps7bwafbf0.jpg
 photo IMG_2131_zpsbvr5gi5a.jpg
 photo IMG_2126_zpsdf8zzrzt.jpg
 photo IMG_2127_zpsiupbmv98.jpg
 photo IMG_2133_zpsoyy4gxyr.jpg
 photo IMG_2130_zpscrcggtgp.jpgOne of the perks about Georgia is you only have to drive about 30 seconds in any direction to experience amazing nature and scenery. Just down the road from where we live is a little park that’s right along the Chattahoochee River. We spent the evening roaming around and enjoying the view. Thank goodness little Jane was with us so she could be our photographer. I’ve gotta credit most of these pictures to her! Not bad for a 5 year old!

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