photo IMG_2043_zpsgztvsugq.jpg
 photo IMG_2044_zpscpq652oa.jpg
 photo IMG_2042_zpsauzvymf9.jpg
 photo IMG_2041_zpskhlq6ax8.jpg
 photo IMG_2040_zps7mlgxtno.jpg
 photo IMG_2061_zps6nmoshyq.jpgWe spent another afternoon down at the Atlanta History Center, which is a big museum full of some pretty cool exhibits and acres of historic homes and giant southern gardens. They had an awesome exhibit with 50 objects that represented Atlanta. All of them were pretty fascinating. They had an Olympic torch from the games that were held there. A lot of objects having to do with the Civil Rights struggles. The actual handwritten speech by Martin Luther King when he received the Nobel Peace Prize. And let’s not forget  Chick-fil-a, which was started right here in Atlanta. Thank you, Atlanta. There was also an amazing Civil War exhibit with tons of actual artifacts from around that time. It was altogether informative and humbling.

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