photo image_zpsepyjiy0k.jpeg
 photo image_zps93ajnyxc.jpeg
 photo image_zpsjqdqxyp6.jpeg
 photo image_zpsp2lg6iwr.jpeg

 photo image_zpsmzbul5ui.jpegA few weekends ago we decided to brave(ahhh see what I did there?) the big city traffic and hit up a Brave’s game. Any excuse to buy some new t-shirts, am I right? We are guilty of being bandwagon-ers, no doubt! This was our first time downtown and we loved it! And we were lucky enough to see one of the last ever games played at Turner Field. Next season they’ll be playing on a brand new field. We had such a great time with our new friends. Eating high quality ball park food (nachos and dippin’ dots) and watching some baseball. Might I add, this was the first day I really felt the humidity. Maybe because we were sitting outside for quite awhile. But I’ll tell you what, I was sweating more than I thought one could sweat. Thank you, Georgia, for exceeding all my sweat expectations. But anyways, yay for friends!  And go Braves! Even though you were terrible…

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