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 photo IMG_1405_zpslutaaksn.jpg
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 photo IMG_1480 1_zpsclbijcm5.jpg
 photo IMG_1476_zpsp4xkpx6w.jpg
 photo IMG_1555_zpsmczyscn2.jpg
 photo IMG_1557_zpskeq0c5fs.jpg
 photo IMG_1556_zpsalz61swa.jpg
 photo IMG_1558_zps1a3qj4h5.jpg
 photo IMG_1593_zps55ljzmdk.jpg

With the end of summer (well it’s summer till November in AZ, but you get the picture) came all sorts of excitement and good times. We spent the weekend of the 24th down in Thatcher. It was a weekend full of tournaments, good food, fireworks, and family. And not to mention, gorgeous weather. My sister and Juan’s brother got their mission calls within a week of each other! Alyssa serving in the Minneapolis, Minnesota Mission and Beto serving in the Coban, Guatemala Mission–Kekchi speaking!! These two are truly two of the people I love most and as much as I will miss them, I’m equally as proud of them and the amazing decision they’re making.

July was the month that we officially became adults, making the jump and buying our first brand new car. It was terrifying as exhilarating, but after years of some crap-tastic vehicles ( may they rest in peace ), we LOVE driving our new little car. We took the name of said vehicle pretty seriously and in the end, my clever sister noted that it looked like a storm trooper so we should name it Finn. Finn the Kia Soul it is.

One random evening at Walmart, we found some pretty decent $5 tubes. This quickly became one of our finest purchases making for some inexpensive but high quality time spent on the river. And of course, we had to throw a little party in there somewhere. I’m always giddy come Olympic time, so we threw a little shin-dig for the opening ceremonies. The ceremonies themselves were meh. But boy did we have a good time and some top-notch treats from all over the world. I think I’m STILL recovering.

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