On the morning of the 4th my mom and I were waiting in line at the grocery store. There was a lady in front of us wishing everyone a happy 4th of July, beaming as she greeted each person. We overheard her talking to the man next to her, telling him she was from Iran and that even though America isn’t a perfect country it’s still a blessed and wonderful place to live, better than any other country out there. We couldn’t help but agree. While America is far from perfect, we are so blessed to live in a nation that gives us the freedoms we enjoy. It’s no secret that the 4th is one of my very favorite. I become oddly patriotic because I love the excuse to celebrate all the goodness of this country; past, present, and future! AND an entire day of the 4 F’s-family, friends, food, and fireworks? Count me in.

This year we kept it simple with the classic church pancake breakfast, BBQ with some of our favorites, swimming, the downtown fireworks show, and some at home sparklers. And lots of red, white, and blue of course.  photo image_zps6fihivgr.jpeg
 photo image_zpsiquy6mc4.jpeg
 photo image_zpssnwn0zpt.jpeg
 photo image_zpsxbwjcolx.jpeg
 photo image_zpswzeiqhsu.jpeg
 photo image_zpszqt7ebp1.jpeg
 photo IMG_1700_zps1sbmsess.jpg
 photo IMG_1625_zps84ozsoca.jpg
 photo IMG_1626_zpsikytu0qi.jpg
 photo IMG_1661_zpsggeaxdkm.jpg
 photo image_zpstqvba1dy.jpeg
 photo IMG_1679_zpsiud1afjd.jpgRoxy had a particularly pleasant 4th due to a visit from her brother! Aren’t they so cute?
 photo image_zpsvy45cj23.jpeg photo IMG_1655_zpsup0tvy8y.jpg
 photo IMG_1647_zpsgcmdg9ry.jpgMy favorite party people.
 photo image_zpsaxobtif0.jpeg
 photo image_zpswxnzeq10.jpeg photo image_zpsb6g4hmyx.jpegThis year I took a stab at a patriotic dessert. And thanks to Betty Crocker, I was pretty proud of the results! photo image_zps716psji0.jpeg photo image_zpsg4wx2bc6.jpeg photo image_zpsfcrvcpvd.jpeg

Naturally, baby Ruby was the main source of entertainment aside from the fireworks.  photo image_zps0lxbcatp.jpeg photo image_zpsvwcuzut0.jpeg photo image_zpsokibtgxp.jpeg photo image_zps5nsebflz.jpeg photo image_zpsoe7j6luw.jpeg photo image_zps6rqw7uo6.jpeg photo image_zpsm2qo4wjf.jpeg
 photo image_zps9xuo1n2o.jpeg photo image_zpskqxocbh4.jpeg
 photo image_zpstfyj7fmk.jpegHAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA!

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