Do you have those friends that you have billion things in common with and hanging out with them is just so easy and the best thing ever? For us that’s the Portillo’s. Juan and Benjie were companions in the New York, and now here we are years later all the best of friends! I’m grateful for a lot of things about Juan’s mission, but the main one is all the top-notch people he met and kept in contact with. Yay more friends!! Anyways…we were beyond excited to have Benjie and JoyceAnn come stay with us for a few days! And for JoyceAnn’s birthday too! It was so fun to show them around Mesatown (despite the 100+ weather). Basically it was an excuse for us to stay up late, eat tons of good food (we went to Bahama Bucks 3 times), and shop our little hearts out. It was also an excuse for me and JoyceAnn to match everyday because we own the same wardrobe. I can’t make these things up. Now we just buy the same clothes on purpose. No shame. Long story short, we freaking love these people and wish Reno wasn’t so dang far away.  photo IMG_1004_zpsfihkjs5u.jpg
 photo IMG_0947_zpsodrwdajh.jpg
 photo IMG_0946_zpsgfwjauuq.jpg
 photo IMG_0964_zpslilaproz.jpg
 photo IMG_0996_zps33hfpciz.jpg
 photo IMG_0997_zps6lyxxqsf.jpg

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