photo image_zpszga0tc2i.jpeg
 photo image_zpsiswdjnpc.jpeg
 photo image_zpsxce7a5by.jpeg
 photo IMG_1180_zps6nohazjj.jpg
 photo IMG_1183_zpsz7k1mcht.jpgI love that we have an entire day to celebrate moms. Even though they deserve more than just a day, I love seeing social media overflowing with happiness and the love everyone has for their mothers. Moms make the world go round and remind you that the world is full of so much goodness. My mom is no exception. The older I get, the more my mom becomes one of my very best friends. I admired her kind heart, her enthusiasm for life, and the way she makes her family her priority. I have never once in my life doubted just how much my mom loves me and my siblings. I just love that lady. And as for my mother-in-law, she’s just as wonderful. She’s incredibly creative and serves her family like none other. I owe it to her for not only raising my husband, but some of my best friends as well.

We got to spend Mother’s Day with both our families, just hanging out and eating good food. The way every day should be spent! And as a special treat, we got to talk to my little brother Alex who is serving his mission in Tennessee! He’s just the cutest and it’s such an awesome thing to hear and see him talk about how much he loves serving the Lord. It was definitely my mom’s favorite gift of the day!

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