photo image_zps8ffeztwq.jpeg
 photo image_zpsaeqcqfbu.jpeg
 photo image_zpsetb9fql2.jpeg
 photo image_zpsuiwhgoyx.jpeg
 photo image_zpsl8obz3qn.jpeg
 photo image_zpsjdcsfjzb.jpeg
 photo image_zpszyzsk0vt.jpeg
 photo image_zpskxbxcvcd.jpeg
 photo image_zpshq84tdmf.jpegFor one of Juan’s online classes, he had to do a lab at the Desert Botanical Gardens. Even though it’s just up the road from us, neither of us had been. So we snagged a culture pass from the library and made a Saturday of it. The weather was all too perfect, especially for late April. It was that perfect mix of overcast with a light breeze. Juan’s homework was basically a little plant scavenger hunt. I always love spending a day outdoors and the gardens were so beautiful! Even for being just a bunch of cactus haha! There was some pretty gnarly and amazing plants. Felt like an afternoon in Herbology with Professor Sprout;)

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