Anyone that knows Juan knows that his celebrity crush is no secret. He’s been raving about Tori Kelly since I met him. I remember him showing me her YouTube videos way back before his mission, before she was even famous, gawking at her incredible voice. That lady has some pipes, let me tell yeah! So when I saw she was coming to Arizona, I immediately bought tickets for Juan’s birthday. It was probably one of the hardest secrets I had to keep to be honest haha. I just knew he would be so excited! Thankfully, I was able to keep my mouth shut until his birthday! (I also lacked a working printer on his birthday so had to make up some fake tickets ha!) photo 12783349_584483445040457_1116310326_n_zpstc6cglel.jpgThe concert was at the Marquee Theater. So not only did we get to see Tori Kelly, but we got to see Tori Kelly up close and personal. This was Juan’s first ever ¬†concert (tragic,yes) and he was amazed by how tight the space was. I’m so glad he got to have that experience!
 photo vsco-photo-3_zpsf9czowo1.jpgTori was flawless. She sang every note even more perfectly than she does on her album. Her voice is just absolutely incredible! She’s extremely talented and comes off just as humble. If you haven’t heard her sing, LOOK her up this instant! You won’t be sorry.
 photo vsco-photo-1_zpsnzzdls4s.jpg  photo vsco-photo-2_zps07mgnpno.jpgJuan fan-girled his little heart out, walking away with a t-shirt that he of course wore to school the next day. We had such a fun time, and hopefully he’s now concert-converted!
 photo 12070779_1054016667988245_1739993629_n_zpscf1kzcgd.jpg

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