Juan & I spent most of our spring break up in Reno for the wedding of some of our very best friends. Neither of us had ever been to Reno, so it was a fun little adventure. It’s the funniest little place, and its slogan holds true, it really IS the biggest little city in the world. It has the small town feel, yet there’s massive hotels and casinos everywhere. We had the best time with JoyceAnn + Benjie, who are the best hosts and were the most stunning couple on their wedding day! They are our literal couple soulmates and I really hate that Reno is so stinking far away!! So, if they could just move to AZ that would be great.

One travesty of the trip was the death of my phone. So since I didn’t have it to take pictures, I made good use of my new polaroid. There’s just something charming about having instant, tangible pictures. And it was pretty nice not having to worry about my phone or people getting ahold of me, ha!
 photo image_zps0jmjqki5.jpeg
 photo image_zpssso7g4so.jpegOne of the resorts there had this awesome driving range where you hit golf balls out into the water, trying to get it to land on certain islands. Nobody was a winner, but the boys loved it so much, that we went back on our last night at midnight!
 photo IMG_1121_zpsyd6los6j.jpg
 photo IMG_1120_zps3lsh1nrm.jpg
 photo IMG_1125_zpsjr3ywlds.jpgThe wedding was absolutely beautiful, and it’s always fun to visit a temple we haven’t been to before!
 photo image_zpsmyvzsiki.jpeg photo image_zpsby6nrcmc.jpeg photo image_zpsphpvwxzz.jpegJuan was in heaven being able to spend all week with his buddies from his mission! photo image_zpst3ekzzmu.jpeg^^Mr. + Mrs. Portillo^^ (isn’t her dress to die for?!) photo image_zpsir9mrcvs.jpeg photo image_zpseprq3gjx.jpeg photo image_zpsk9l0qptg.jpeg photo image_zpscxsx0ilu.jpegMy Reno twin, whom I love with all my heart.  photo image_zps3bqho3th.jpeg photo image_zpsdlzez8ks.jpegTill next time!!

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