This weekend Juan turned 23. Which was beneficial for both of us because now he’s the same number as Lebron’s jersey and the stretch of 33 days where i’m 2 years older than him has ended. Ha! So in honor of little Juan Carlos’s birthday I’d like to take a second and tell you 23 things I love him.

  1. He is my favorite person to hang out with. Even before we were dating, we just always had the best time do anything and nothing all at the same time. I was like a puppy all day just waiting for him to come home so we can just hang out.
  2. His smile. It was one of the first things that got me. I mean, can you blame me?
  3. He is THE hardest working person I know. He stays on top of school and work in order to provide for us AND excels at both of them.
  4. We’re best friends. Sounds like a given, but it’s something I love and am grateful for. I can tell him literally anything without being scared or embarrassed.
  5. Other people LOVE him. This was another huge thing that made me fall for him. I knew I wanted to marry someone that I loved, but that other people loved as well. No matter who I run into that knows Juan says only good things about him. Leaders, coaches, neighbors, teachers, old mission friends, family, and everyone in between. Most importantly I LOVE that my family loves him as much as I do.
  6. He’s good at everything he tries! Which is annoying and admirable all at the same time haha.
  7. He’s easily entertained. Any movie, YouTube video, game, story, party…He has a good time, and I rarely have to be worried that he’s not having a good time, he’s such a good sport!
  8. He takes out the trash 😉
  9. He is incredible with kids! Little kids freaking love him and he loves them. I loved watching him play with his little cousins and now niece and I just know he’s going to be an amazing dad.
  10. He’s secretly a nerd and we love the same nerdy things. ( Harry Potter, Disneyland, the Office, animal documentaries, etc. ) Nerds right here.
  11. He pushes me to challenge myself and be better, always in the most loving and supporting way.
  12. I’ve always know that he sees me for who I am and nothing makes me feel more beautiful.
  13. He’s a loyal brother/husband/son/friend. He’ll do anything to help the people he cares about.
  14. He’s not a picky eater, which I am grateful, and will always eat whatever I make!
  15. He’s hilarious. He always makes me laugh AND even thinks I’m funny sometimes. Win win.
  16. That booty tho.;) He’s legendary in his family for having the nicest butt amongst all of them haha.
  17. I love his thoughtfulness. When he would write me letters on his mission he always wrote meaningful, thoughtful letters and sent me the most incredible little gifts. He claims he’s terrible at gifts, but that’s because he always has to out-do his last stunt, which is always above and beyond.
  18. He’s all in in whatever he does. He is so passionate about so many things and gives anything that’s important to him %150.
  19. He doesn’t snore. Praise be.
  20. He let’s me pick the movie. (Aka he’s terrible at choosing hahaha)
  21. He speaks Spanish. And I’m so excited that our kids will be bilingual.
  22. I love his culture and his incredible family. I feel so extremely lucky to be apart of it, and again, can’t wait for my kids to grow up in such an amazing environment.
  23. HE MAKES ME SO HAPPY!! Life is full of ups and downs, but really, nothing makes me happier than being able to share every moment with Juan.


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