photo 0f803bc2-e20c-4863-aff0-efd5652db613_zps1kdfzq32.jpg
 photo IMG_0864_zpshddgosuv.jpg
 photo IMG_0857_zpsdjuvptut.jpg
 photo IMG_6762_zpsk9urf3vb.jpg
 photo IMG_0833_zpsvfxhnaop.jpg
 photo IMG_6763_zpsujzvegyy.jpg
 photo IMG_6764_zpsr0gocbgb.jpg
 photo IMG_0865_zpsec59qaof.jpg
 photo IMG_6765_zpsgqbllrhs.jpg
 photo IMG_0830_zpsncdmpi1k.jpg
 photo IMG_6779_zpst5l9cvlz.jpgLast Tuesday the day we’ve been waiting oh so anxiously for arrived! And with it our very first NIECE, Ruby Emilia. Isn’t she just perfect?! I’d always thought that I would have kids before I ever became an aunt, being the oldest and all. But I’m beyond ecstatic!! Not only am I an aunt, but I’m an aunt to the baby of one of my very best friends. 5 years ago I don’t think I would have believe anyone if they would have told me! I’m so incredibly proud of Karla and the rockstar mom that she is already. Her and Aaron need to have all the babies in world if they are going to turn out as beautiful as Ruby! We can’t wait to spoil and snuggle her!

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