photo ZooBirthday-2_zpsoyyvnsty.jpg
 photo IMG_6626_zpsw3fol5oz.jpg
 photo ZooBirthday-3_zpsrgcdwr3s.jpg
 photo ZooBirthday-5_zpsry0vswtq.jpg
 photo ZooBirthday-1_zpsb9ixd108.jpg
 photo ZooBirthday-4_zpsh9whsisj.jpg
 photo IMG_6612_zps0qkhyvz5.jpgFor my birthday, Juan took me to the zoo! Ever since I was a little kid, the zoo has been one of my favorite places. I just love all the amazing animals! The weather was absolutely perfect-January in AZ, am I right? And it was just so nice to be able to spend a day outside together. Turns out it was one of the orangutan’s birthday that day, so they made it a huge frozen cake with fruit hidden inside of it. They even decorated their little habitat with birthday decor! Definitely a great way to spend a Saturday.

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