Day 2 was just as magical as the first. We got to the park a little after is opened. Hoping that our little extra time we spent sleeping in would help us last all day at the park. (Which it totally did!) As incredible and fun as California Adventure is, Disneyland will always hold a little extra space in my heart. It’s got that extra magic touch. It was such a stress free day. We hit all the rides perfect, ate all the food our hearts desired, and even had time just to chill and wander around. I don’t want to experience Disneyland any other way!Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset photo IMG_6533_zpstmbzzwpf.jpg photo IMG_0630_zpsqmvyxigc.jpgThat picture down there has to be one of my very favorites from the trip!  photo IMG_0629_zpsur5okdzr.jpg photo IMG_6522_zpsamliwpzl.jpg photo IMG_6568_zps8nghl2fn.jpgThat sun tho! Always gettin’ in Juan’s eyes. photo IMG_6530_zpssmkdkeyb.jpgThe castle was extra fancy for the Diamond Celebration! photo IMG_6567_zps8nqedqy5.jpg photo IMG_6569_zpsyjs7mt6q.jpg photo IMG_0672_zpsrsstcxjd.jpg photo IMG_6570_zps6cidoetw.jpgMatterhorn was definitely more jerky than I remembered. So much so that it shook my cell phone right out of my pocket and I didn’t realize it until we were on It’s A Small World. Thankfully, using find my iPhone, we were able to find it! Blessings! The lady on It’s a Small World wasn’t so lucky. When we were getting off the ride, she was searching our boat for her lost phone. Which Benjie spotted. In the water right under us. Bummmmmmmmeeeerrr. photo IMG_0686_zpsbzfwmvlk.jpg photo IMG_6527_zpstzpq6pi9.jpgAnd speaking of Matterhorn, have you had THIS!? photo IMG_6573_zpsx32j2n2g.jpgIt’s a Matterhorn Macaroon, and being a coconut enthusiast it was my goal to try it this trip. It did not disappoint! And it was probably one of the cheapest snacks in the park! photo IMG_6579_zpsy2zy2qbi.jpg photo IMG_6531_zpsnaatyssc.jpgRemember how Benjie was excited for everything? Well the Dole Whip was on the top of his list. Which again, never disappoints. In fact I need one right now.  photo IMG_6562_zpsmtrcaf2b.jpgOf course we went on Splash Mountain a billion times.  photo IMG_6536_zpssxegvybs.jpg photo IMG_6537_zpsnl76seti.jpgJust look at that castle! Eeeee!  photo IMG_6561_zpshqonaoee.jpg photo IMG_6577_zpsm300jmfc.jpg photo IMG_6575_zpsvmarsoqi.jpgWe really did have the absolute best time! It was a trip that I’m sure we will remember forever and hopefully something that won’t just be a one time thing! Disneyland will always be my very favorite and it makes it 10 times better going with your favorite people! Hey JoyceAnn & Benjie, let’s do this again soon kay?Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset


  •  At breakfast that morning we made friends with the cutest little black family with two little girls. As we were getting up to leave one of the little girls points at Juan and says, “Umm weren’t you in that movie Step Up?” Best compliment he’s had I’d say.
  • The new Hyperspace Mountains with Star Wars music now playing in the background was 10 times more epic!
  • The Pomme Fries at Cafe Orleans. We wished we would have ordered at least 3 more orders of them! They. Were. Unbelievable.
  • Probably the best memory/worst was whilst eating at Cafe Orleans. We were sitting on the edge of the patio, where people walk by. Juan looks up for a split second. The perfect second. And we hear him whisper, “That’s John Stamos!” Sure enough, we look up, and there is freaking Uncle Jesse!! He looks over at us and gives us the little head nod and smiles and keeps walking. We are all in celebrity shock that we just sat there with our mouths open not knowing what to do next. We couldn’t just jump up and follow him because we were waiting for our check! But it was a once in a lifetime opportunity. So we just sat there and watched him walk around and then walk out of sight. The crazy thing was, NO ONE else around us noticed him and he was just cruisin’ around all by himself! We’re kicking ourselves STILL for not taking a picture with him or at least shaking his hand. I got a little video snippet of him walking away, but it’s super dark. If anything, John Stamos looked at the four of us with his own eyeballs. And we’ll never forget it.
  • Watching the fireworks from New Orleans Square. There was pretty much zero people around and we had the perfect view! And maybe even some happy tears were shed.
  • Making it all the way till midnight and convincing the churro lady on the way out that it’s buy one get one free churros at the end of the day.
  • Ordering a pizza at 1 AM, because pizza.

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