Back in July we ran into Juan’s mission companion Benjie and his fiance JoyceAnn. Benjie and Juan of course were the best of friends already, but the four of us hit it off real quick. Sadly, they live in freaking Reno, which isn’t a day trip away. So we tossed out the oh so popular idea, “We should go to Disneyland!” not really thinking anything of it. Assuming it would be one of those ideas that never really turns into anything. Well, yesterday we got back from….Disneyland, with J & B. And here is the recap of our magical adventure together.

Not only were we excited to be going to Disneyland, because duh, but we were SO excited to spend a whole 3 days with our friends! During this trip we confirmed that we are couple twins, and there was way too many ‘Me too!’s and ‘I was just going to say that!’s. Which made for the best time ever. We each set off for a long drive…12501482_1132009463476140_280802947_n(1) photo IMG_6534_zpsd9ieackr.jpgOvercoming many obstacles slash car problems and traffic along the way. But FINALLY! We were together.

And even though we were up half the night talking and being excited, we were off bright and early to pick up our FREE tickets. Yes, FREE.
While we were waiting, we stopped into Downtown Disney and I picked up some Minnie ears and the cutest little old man worker gave us all pins that said “I’m celebrating!” and a “First time!” pin for Benjie! We. Were. Pumped.  photo IMG_6559_zpsr90b6cd7.jpgThanks Brenda!! photo IMG_6560_zpsd010mrae.jpgAs soon as we go into California Adventure’s, we booked it over to Car’s Land, grabbed some FastPasses and jumped in the single rider line. (The best way to avoid the crazy line!)Some how me and Juan lucked out and got to ride in the same car. Buttttttt…..IMG_6475…got shafted by Juan’s childhood clone. It’s fine.  photo IMG_6478_zpsrww5kayo.jpgSince it was pretty chilly, not very many people were diggin’ the water rides, but we came prepared with our ponchos. #ponchosforlife photo IMG_6571_zpsmukzcscg.jpg IMG_6542    Juan informed Benjie that at Disneyland you buy a churro every hour on the hour, which they may have taken a little too seriously.  photo IMG_6528_zpsxppzyptf.jpgI was super excited to try the snacks at the Cozy Cone Motel after hearing such good things! The Pear of Dice soda was amazing!IMG_0611 photo IMG_6532_zpsnnctwfvh.jpgAs the evening was winding down we had some time to kill before World of Color so we popped over to Disneyland and hit up Indiana Jones and Splash Mountain, my all time favorite! photo IMG_6490_zpsc3muhkoi.jpgAnd naturally we just kept our ponchos on for World of Color and because they were keeping us warm, but everyone kept dissing us and asking if it was going to rain. 
But did they get to stand front row during World of Color and stay dry?  Nope!IMG_6501


  • Benjie being SO excited and amazed by everything. We had all hyped it up and we were scared he would be let down, but I mean we should have known. It’s Disneyland.
  • Making friends with all the people in line with us! The best was the little kids that we rode with on Grizzly River Run!
  • The weather! Even though it was a little chilly at times, most of the day it was PERFECT!
  • While we were on Splash Mountain, the fireworks show was wrapping up. As we came up the first incline out in the open, all of the giant finale fireworks were going off RIGHT above us and it was one of the most MAGICAL moments ever!
  • Um, WORLD OF COLOR. I hadn’t seen it since they changed the show and the four of us were in awe the whole time. We were oooing and awwing and dancing and yelling. It was INCREDIBLE! If you haven’t seen it, go right now! I’m serious!
  • Eating Taco Bell at 1 am because you know, we were starved.


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