As I’ve mentioned before, I love the fresh start feeling of a new year. For me personally, I love to sit down and make new goals for the year and re-evaluate old goals. It helps me stay on track and gives me something to look forward to throughout the year. And gives me an excuse to buy a new planner!! This year my focus is getting back to basics and developing good habits. I also want to focus on the small and simple things and do more to experience each and every day.

Juan and I sat down and made our goals for the year, goals that we have together and individually. So to help me stay accountable, here are 10 of my/our resolutions for 2016:

1 || GET STRONGER- My main goal is to become physically stronger, but I also was to focus on becoming spiritually and mentally strong as well.

2 || SAVE MORE – Juan and I’s big goal is to stay on top of our budget this year and manage our money wisely and save up!

3 || READ MORE- My goal is to read at LEAST one book a month.

4 || SCRIPTURES & PRAYER – Another thing we really want to crack down on is doing these things together daily! Also visit the temple once a month!

5 || LEARN SPANISH – It’s my lifelong goal to be fluent in Spanish and I already know a pretty significant amount of words and phrases and at family events, I generally know what’s going on. But if I want my kids to be bilingual I got to step up my game!

6 || LESS SCREEN TIME/MORE ME TIME – I spend way too much time on my phone or computer and I want to do better at spending my time wisely. I’m made a pretty big list of projects for me to do to keep me busy!

7 ||  DATE TIME- Juan and I want to make sure we go on planned date nights, frugal ones preferably, so we can spend time together and experience new things together!

8 || SLEEP MORE- This probably should be my number one because I’m horrible at it. But I’m going to try to go to bed by 11 (yeah I know that’s still late) at least 5 days a week.

9 || WANT BETTER NOT MORE- I really want to focus on simplifying and really trying to have the best things for me, for our home, for our health, instead of trying to have a million different things. I want to be better at decluttering and staying organized!

10 || GO OUTSIDE! – I feel so much better when I spend time outdoors everyday so I really want to make sure I do just that. Whether it’s a walk or reading outside. Playing catch at the park or going on a hike, I’m committed!

Bring it, 2016!!

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