As far as Christmases go, there’s just something extra magical about your first Christmas as a married couple. Juan had to nearly tie me down so that I didn’t put up the Christmas decorations too early. (Which is impossible, am I right?) I loved having our own little tree and our own little cozy home.  photo IMG_6205_zpsujjfulvx.jpg
 photo IMG_6213_zps2hcaobxd.jpgOne of my favorite things we got to do was volunteer and Feed My Starving Children. It’s a local organization that packs and sends meals to kids all over the world. It was such a fun way to do a bit of service during the holidays!
 photo IMG_6244_zpstqbuvrdz.jpg
 photo IMG_6241_zpsyiwffnvg.jpgMesa put out all the stops this year and had ice skating and food trucks all month, which we took full advantage of!
 photo IMG_6252_zpstb5ni8ia.jpg
 photo IMG_6277_zpswvwogav8.jpg
 photo IMG_6271_zpsysctkulu.jpgAnd since this made our first official Christmas together, we decided to take some Christmas card pictures. Which, thanks to our besties the Garzas, turned out fabulous!
 photo vsco-photo-2_zpsrjpomer0.jpg
 photo Christmas-5_zpsffpf41xt.jpg
 photo Christmas-6_zpstmvhfdbv.jpgNow it would be shameful to talk about December without mentioning STAR WARS! We freaking loved it. I keep begging Juan to go see it again with me. I went in with no expectations, but seriously, such a good movie!
 photo IMG_6328 1_zpshbowg2sk.jpg
 photo IMG_6326_zpsk7l2uz5n.jpg
 photo IMG_6327_zpsh9awxxnv.jpg
 photo IMG_6329_zps5zl5w43z.jpgChristmas Eve and Christmas Day for us were nothing short of chaotic. But that happy kind haha. Also slightly stressful, but mostly happy.We had 4 family parties on Christmas Eve. Yes, four. But it was awesome to spend it with family. Christmas morning I was woken up by Juan jumping on our bed yelling, “It’s Christmas, it’s Christmas!”. My thoughts exactly! It was so fun to have our own little Christmas morning together. And stinkin’ Juan got me the banjo that I’ve been dreaming about literally since I was 10. You best be lookin’ out for some banjo videos in the future.
 photo IMG_6383_zpscre7wnzr.jpg
 photo IMG_6380_zpsaulbq1jz.jpgIsn’t it beautiful?!
 photo IMG_0461_zpsolxacpen.jpgOne of our favorite things about Christmas this year! ^^
 photo IMG_0470_zpsbgsrkhow.jpg
 photo IMG_0480_zpsijd44cbg.jpg
 photo IMG_0481_zpsu9tr6cvk.jpgSo my mother-in-law is an incredible seamstress and she hand made all of these stockings for the fam! I oo and aww at them everytime!
 photo IMG_0497_zpsjtzfj7wq.jpgJuan and his grandma has each others name for the gift exchange and wound up getting each other the exact same thing! I grey sweater from Target!
 photo IMG_0498_zpspqsa8tvm.jpgOne of the biggest surprises from Juan’s parents, a new Xbox for the kids. Which is now at our house. Which I’m still deciding if it’s a blessing or a curse.
 photo IMG_6378_zpslsotqtbi.jpgMy parents surprised us with a trip to Harry Potter World in the spring to which my sister immediately started bawling from the new. I think she’s excited. And so are we!!!!
 photo 12338589_188010988217920_133089506_n_zpsmcyd7f7y.jpgThe best part of the day. Talking to our cute little brother currently serving in Arkansas. I love him so much and could not be more proud of him and the incredible missionary he is!!
 photo IMG_0508_zpsxd2cuaya.jpgClearly it was a successful Christmas for Juan #sockChristmas2015
 photo IMG_0540_zpsz26s3unm.jpg
 photo IMG_0542_zpstc27247p.jpgWe ended the day with a bonfire with both of our families. We are lucky that we can have the best of both worlds and be with everyone together. It was definitely a Christmas for the books!

Here’s a little recap! Forgive our morning sleepy faces haha.

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