November was filled with all sorts of family and fall goodness. In my 20 some years living in Mesa, I’d never been to the state fair, so Juan and I had a Saturday free and headed down. I think my favorite part was the petting zoo. We could NOT stop cracking up about this llama

He literally sat there, not moving the whole time. And check out those eyebrows!! I was slightly terrified that all the sudden he was going to spin around and spit in my face. Then there was this llama who clearly had been having a rough day:
I also loved that they had real film photobooths! I had always wanted to find one so I was pretttttty happy about it. There’s just something about that grainy, glowy real deal photo.

Not really wanting to spend our money, we opted for the free motorcross and monster truck show, which was actually pretty cool but WAY too loud. Clearly the monster truck scene is not for me. ButtttttttI think I already knew that. All in all it was a successful first time at the fair!

Thanksgiving we mustered up the courage and volunteered to make a few apple pies. Thanks to the help of Mama Z, our pies were the first ones gone. And they even looked pretty! We spent the afternoon with my extended family eating and playing at a church building near by and then the evening with Juan’s family. Two thanksgivings. Always a blessing and a curse. Such good food, but never enough room for it all!

Some other noteworthy moments included:

Juan and his new career as a Brawny model.

Juan and his quest in growing out his hair ( my request/his demise) and him rocking the bangs haha.

And my cousin Taylor’s reception and getting to see our favorite cousins!

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