Harry Potter has always been a magic little part of my life. The books, the movies, the music. All of it has a special place in my little nerd heart. Thankfully I married someone who shares that appreciation, along with many of our close friends. So being the nerds that we are, we threw a birthday party for The Boy Who Lived, of course. Because I will always  jump on the opportunity to throw a good ol’ themed party!

 photo IMG_9837_zps9eityhak.jpg
 photo IMG_9839_zpsb1yu6yed.jpg
 photo IMG_9833_zpsbpnc1sgu.jpgMy dear friend Katie hand-wrote countless letters with all of Harry’s different addresses on them. Eeee! Don’t you just love them?
 photo IMG_9822_zpsup1cqv9f.jpg
 photo IMG_9808_zpsj1enllss.jpgThe highlight of the night for me, BUTTERBEER CUPCAKES. Om nom nom.
 photo IMG_9849_zpsfxbgvpsy.jpgAnd because you all wanted to see a picture of my toilet.
 photo IMG_9843_zps254r5m1v.jpg Katie and I are blessed with husbands who will work hard to make all our Harry Potter dreams come true. Even if that means spending an hour trying to hang up the floating candles.
 photo IMG_9891_zps4juxtoll.jpgWhhiiiiiiich didn’t go so well, but we love them for trying haha.
 photo 38d199b2-9d58-4a66-9a96-107b3551d051_zpsph9nkr53.jpg
 photo IMG_9897_zps75ddtecy.jpgLet’s not forget our game of butterbeer pong-quidditch edition.
 photo IMG_9903_zpsfdyiovn8.jpg
 photo IMG_9875_zpsazxk26jn.jpg Harry Potter pals for life.
 photo IMG_9881_zps9l3d90mz.jpg
 photo IMG_9882_zpsuly29pye.jpgWe also attempted Gryffindor tie-dye, because why not?
 photo IMG_9887_zpso4itgest.jpg
 photo IMG_9909_zpsfuwpwywj.jpg photo IMG_9914_zpsavv7sqpx.jpgThe party ended how most parties end in our house, with a Nintendo 64 sesh. I love the girls asleep on the couch in the back haha. All that witchcraft and wizardry , man.

Unfortunately,we never got a big group picture, but here’s this gem to make up for it.

OWQZBOMischief Managed.

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