july5A few weeks ago, America celebrated another birthday, meaning another day full of all my favorite things. Family, friends, food, and fireworks. The 4 F’s of any good holiday.July7We spent the Friday before up in Payson with my family. It was nice to escape the heat and relax. We made some bomb tinfoil dinners as well as an angel food cake, all inside of a tiny grill. We considered it our 4th of July miracle. july4On the actual 4th, we hopped around to a few pool parties, ate some burgers, and had our own firework show in the middle of the cul de sac. Those poor neighbors.july1 Juan & I can officially call ourselves married because we now have a Sam’s Club membership. I highly recommend going near the end of the day when all the workers want to get rid of all their samples.”Oh please dear, take more.” Don’t mind if I do!july2 My little baby brother, who isn’t so little anymore, went through the temple for his first time a couple weeks ago. Nothing beats being in the most beautiful place with so many people you love. I can’t believe that kid leaves on his mission next week! 😦 july3Most days, we spend inside complaining about how it’s too hot to go anywhere. But, thankfully we have cool friends who got us out of the house to go skimboarding/swimming with them. Which the only proof I have is a mid-run shot of Juan’s leg. Ha!

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