On our last full day, we had breakfast at George’s Diner, courtesy of Bro. Rio Frio. It was a diner in the truest sense. Everyone there seemed to be a regular, the waiters were shouting all the orders, not writing a thing down, AND the food was delicious. And cheap. Win win! Our waiter gave us all free drinks, including this magical Dominican drink called morir sonando, which translates as “to die dreaming”. It was a orange creamy fluffy miracle. Our first stop in the city was the Brooklyn Bridge. Fabulous architecture and an equally fabulous view of the city.

In the afternoon we headed back to the Rockefeller building to check out the Top of the Rock. They loaded us into what looked like a regular elevator, but when the doors closed the lights went out and the ceiling became transparent. So while we shot up 67 floors we could see the entire elevator shaft. I half expected us to just fly out the very top. But after a mere 43 seconds we were on top of the world. It was incredible to see the city from so high up! Afterwards we made a stop at Steak N’ Shake and a visit to Union Square to see another of Juan’s friends. We ended the day just strolling through a bit of Central Park. And of course making a final stop at Niketown.  And Juan, being the wonderful person that he is, let me take us all the way to the other side of the island just to find the waffle cart one last time. The entire trip was an experience I’ll never forget. New York is definitely a place you can never visit too many times, because you’ll never ever be able to experience all the things it has to offer. Special shout out to Juan for showing me all around his favorite city and letting me experience it all!

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