Tuesday was crazy. I definitely got my walking quota for the week on this day. We rode the train all the way down to the bottom of the island early that morning to check out Wall Street. So cool! It was surprisingly quiet and I of course loved all the old buildings! The streets were even still cobblestone! Then we caught our scheduled ferry to take us out to see Lady Liberty. I don’t know if I expected it, but seeing her first hand was a pretty moving experience. Something so iconic and symbolic of our nation, full of so much history. Amazing! We got to go up on the pedestal, which gave us an awesome view of the misty city. Back on land, we stopped by the 9/11 memorial. Another humbling experience. It’s such a beautiful and peaceful place, with the Freedom Tower looming over it all.

We had some time to kill so we shamelessly waited outside Taylor Swift’s apartment seeing if we could get a glimpse. No luck. Although we DID see a security guard. That counts for something right? We walked all up through Chelsea and Soho, both beautiful parts of the city. We ended up in Washington Square park where we rested our feet for a little while. Since neither of us had seen the Flat Iron building, and we knew it was close by, we decided to go try and find it. And of course as soon as we started walking, it started raining. After a good stretch of searching, it started pouring so we had to hide out in a convenient store. Giving up, we headed for the subway to get back up to the Bronx for dinner. As we did I turned around and boom. There was the Flat Iron. We had been on the side of it the whole time haha. Oops!

The rain let up a bit so Juan showed me around another one of his areas. It was a really beautiful part of the Bronx, right near Yankee Stadium. It was just the coolest to be where he’s been, in a place he loved so much. We ate dinner that night with a family who made us THE best Dominican food. You guys. All I have to say is Dominican beans. Maybe I was starving from all the walking. But I could have eaten 10 bowls. SO. GOOD.

^Our trip in a photo. Hahaha.^
^That lady’s model skill tho.^
^Taylor, where you at?!^
These kids were such cute little firecrackers. After dinner we came back with stickers ALL over us. Juan’s shirt^^ haha

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