Monday was museum day. We hit up the MET and the Museum of Natural History. Both of the buildings alone blew me away with how large scale and intricate they were. And I do enjoy a day walking around looking at old stuff. But really, I do! We could have stayed there all day and not seen everything. We also made a stop at Grand Central Station and just people watched for a while. Another incredible structure. New York sure does architecture right! While we were there, a TV show was being filmed. Not one that either of us recognized, but still cool to see! And it wouldn’t have been a successful trip for Juan if we hadn’t made a stop at Buffalo Wild Wings in Times Square.

In the afternoon it was pretty rainy so we headed over to the Lincoln Center to wait it out. It was nice to just sit for a bit and relax. And eat a waffle from the Waffle and Dinges truck. I lost count how many times I ate there during the trip. No judging. I also got to see the Manhattan Temple while we were in the area. Which you would never see if you weren’t looking for it. It blends right in with all the buildings! We also did a little shopping at Century 21. That night we headed back up to the Bronx where we were staying and had dinner with another family Juan knew. And it was a little extra special because Juan’s companion he trained who went home just the week after, got to be there too. It was an awesome way to end the day!

This doesn’t even do it’s size justice. That thing was massive!!^

^Right after the lady yelled at me not to touch it. Oops.^

^Dum-dum give me gum gum!^
^The Subway stop right underneath the Natural History Museum.^
^His favorite section.^

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