Sunday was church hopping day. Juan figured the easiest way he was going to see all the people he knew at once, would be to show up to their wards. It was a day filled with Subways, Ubers, and buses. I felt so urban haha. It was awesome to see everyone’s surprised faces when they recognized Juan. It was just and all around happy day. Even some of the elders serving in the wards who Juan had never met recognized him. “Whoa, are you Zazzy?” Made me laugh every time! The churches there were just in the middle of all the buildings and all of them had two stories! Again, it was so cool to be in places and with people where Juan served.

After church we headed down to the city to walk around and get something to eat. I loved walking around the edge of the park near the Natural History Museum. This area was one of my favorites! We had dinner at Shake Shack, which I absolutely loved. Juan wanted bigger burgers, but it was the perfect size for me! Then as the sun went down, we strolled the Highline. It’s neat little above ground path that use to be a train track. It’s beautifully designed and gives you awesome views of the city.  

^^Also let’s talk about these stairs for a sec. I was blown away that we were THAT far under the ground on the subway so I told Juan to take a picture. Not pictured, the rat that ran right in front of Juan’s feet.

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