Saturday we took our very first Uber ride. It was amazingly fast compared to the subway we’d spent all day on. It took us to the La Guardia airport where we rented a car and drove upstate a bit to visit some people from Juan’s mission. The whole drive up I was just in awe, literally open mouthed, of all the huge GREEN trees. Such a giant contrast to the desert and cactus I’m used to. It was amazing how much the weather cooled down just miles outside the city. We spent the morning in Tarrytown, more familiarly know as Sleepy Hollow. It was a town straight out of a book. Little shops, old churches, incredible scenery. We wandered around the Sleepy Hollow cemetery looking at all the ginormous tombs. These people had some moo-la! Afterwards we ate breakfast at the Horseman diner where our waiter was 12 years old haha.

The rest of the day we spent visiting families Juan was close to on his mission. This was one of my favorite parts of the whole trip. While most of the time there was very little English spoken, it was amazing to see how excited the people were to see us. They absolutely adore Juan, go figure. It was bizarre to meet people that I had heard to much about for so long! It was an all together beautiful and humbling experience. Everyone treated us so well and fed us such good food! And it just proved to me, that no matter where you go, you will always find incredible, good people. One of the coolest things was when we were driving through Scarsdale. We had some time to kill so Juan wanted to show me the mission home. We were just going to drive by, but as we pulled up, his mission president was standing in the drive-way. After a lot of “Are you serious?!” and “No way?!” we were invited inside and got to chat with President and Sister Morgan for a good while. The coolest thing!!

^Juan’s wife from another life^

^Why yes, that’s a ferret in my hand.^
 photo IMG_9001_zpszslt6hnh.jpg^One of Juan’s old apartments!^

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