Our reception was nearly too fun for words. It was just so crazy to have so many people from so many phases of our lives in one place. Plus all of our family! Lucky for us, we know lots of the same people so that made it extra happy. I wish I could have stayed and partied all night!haley+juan353haley+juan369 I really wish I knew what was being discussed at this particular moment.haley+juan371 haley+juan376 haley+juan379 haley+juan384 The best part of the reception HAD to be the dancing. Juan and I would always talk about how, “Gosh maybe no one will dance and then our reception will be a flop.” I’d say it was quite the opposite. Thanks to our awesome MC, we got everyone out on that dance floor. Again, I could have partied all night. Thanks to ma and pa Zazueta and their fine teaching skills, Juan and I were able to sneak a little Mexican dance into our first dance. It was a crowd pleaser for sure. We also did a Money Dance (which I highly suggest (; ) which gave us a little extra cash for our honeymoon and the opportunity to dance and visit with so many people. I love that we had so much time at our reception to enjoy it and spend time with all our guests!haley+juan397 haley+juan411 haley+juan418 haley+juan437 haley+juan445 haley+juan450 haley+juan465 haley+juan469 Landon and Joey. My two cousins my age!haley+juan476 haley+juan478 Now let me give you a little play by play of the bouquet toss. See Tori in the front in the navy blue dress? She was ready, soooo ready to catch that bouquet. So much that when I over threw it, she dove into the pack of girls and snatched it right out of someone’s hand! Haha!!! Atta girl Toe. haley+juan480 haley+juan481 haley+juan482 haley+juan483 haley+juan484 haley+juan492 haley+juan495 Also, a special shout out to Juan for not getting mad when I smeared frosting ALLL over his nice suit. Oops.haley+juan506 haley+juan510 haley+juan513SO.MUCH.DANCING.haley+juan521 haley+juan524 haley+juan527 haley+juan531 haley+juan532 haley+juan539 haley+juan544It was a day I’ll remember forever. And I wouldn’t have changed a thing. We will always be grateful to all the incredible people who made this day what it was, whether on the dance floor or behind the scenes. The best start to this crazy adventure!! ❤

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