Our wedding could not have come together if it wasn’t for our insanely talented friends and family. They helped turned my wedding dreams into a magical reality. And it made everything that much more special to have a little piece of everyone in all the details. And of course, thanks to Sarah Waggoner for capturing every single detail beautifully.

||THE DRESS||  I had a pretty good idea in my head of what I wanted my dress to look like. I also knew that I probably wouldn’t find that dress in a store. I wanted something simple, flowy and elegant. And something that made me feel beautiful, but still me. I took a sketch over to my dear dear friend Edell and she told me she could pull it off. So off to the fabric store I went, miraculously finding everything I needed (Including some gold sparkly tulle for the under skirt. Edell’s idea!) and she turned it into something amazing. I couldn’t have imagined it more perfect if I tried. Once I put that dress on, I really felt like a bride. She will forever be known as my fairy godmother.haley+juan260 haley+juan144haley+juan358IMG_4039

||THE FOOD|| That lovely lady in the first photo is my aunt Cindy. She was in charge of all the food and made sure everything ran smoothly. She’s a miracle worker, I’ll tell you what. She even put a bag packed with all the food from the reception in our car so we could take it with us! Special shout out to Juan’s mom for making the delicious pozole soup, Maddy for making all the little cupcakes, and the Peterson’s for making my all time favorite lemon bars. And of course to my dear mother for coordinating it all.haley+juan366 haley+juan363 haley+juan308

||THE CAKE|| My best friend Tori and her friend Hannah made our wedding cake. Not only was it the prettiest cake in the world, but it tasted freaking good. I may or may not sneak a slice of the part we have frozen every once in a while…haley+juan312

||THE FLOWERS|| My bouquet and a few other big arrangement were done by Jami Pitts of Posies Floral. I wish my bouquet would have lasted forever because it was so insanely beautiful. For the centerpieces, we ordered a bunch of flowers in bulk and my aunt Christy and a few other helpers arranged them all. Again, miracle workers. And all of our bridal party florals were done by my lovely talented neighbor!haley+juan91haley+juan325haley+juan291haley+juan334haley+juan148

||THE DECOR|| First off, a special thank you to my dad and all his helpers for all the hard work in our backyard. There was just something sentimental to me about having my reception in my own backyard and those guys, especially my dad, worked long and hard to make it look so amazing. My mom was an angel and gathered all of the supplies. And thanks to goodwill, joann’s, several cans of spray paint, and my hardworking friends and family, we were able to whip out the rest of the decor. Special thanks so my mother-in-law Celia for sewing all the table runners, and to Annamarie for all the chalkboard art!haley+juan287haley+juan335haley+juan331 haley+juan135haley+juan137haley+juan152haley+juan151

||THE VIDEO|| It’s been a running tradition amongst my friends that we make some sort of video for whoever’s getting married. It’s usually some sort of music video full of crazy costumes and embarrassing/hilarious moments depicted by all our crazy friends. Thanks to Karla & Tori, I think we got the best one yet. They showed it to us right before the reception and We. Were. Dying. I think it should win every grammy, oscar, tony etc. We still watch it over and over!!haley+juan156haley+juan160

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