haley+juan1 haley+juan8 haley+juan14 haley+juan19 haley+juan22 haley+juan24 haley+juan32 haley+juan33 haley+juan34 haley+juan41 haley+juan42 haley+juan44 haley+juan45 haley+juan46 haley+juan47 haley+juan48 haley+juan49 haley+juan50 haley+juan52 haley+juan55 haley+juan58 haley+juan60 haley+juan61 haley+juan62 haley+juan63haley+juan64 haley+juan78 haley+juan81 haley+juan83 haley+juan90 haley+juan102 haley+juan104 haley+juan113 haley+juan116 haley+juan121 As cliche as it sounds, if I had describe our wedding day in one word it would be perfect. I’m one who usually gets pretty stressed about big events, but that day I was so calm and stress free! I got a solid nights sleep, which is a miracle in itself, and was able to enjoy every part of the day. After a morning of setting up with all our incredible helpers and friends and family, Juan & I headed to the temple. At this point it was all pretty surreal. But all I can say is that the sealing was absolutely beautiful and it was the most incredible feeling to not only to be sealed to my best friend, but to be in a room filled with so many people we loved. It was pretty overwhelming, in the best way. You’ll probably hear me say this over and over, but what made the day so perfect was being with all the incredible people who have been part of our life. We also got pretty lucky in the sense that over the years we’ve gotten to know each others family so well AND that they get along so well. So having everyone all together was just the best! I feel so blessed to have married into such a loving and awesome family. haley+juan122We decided that ^this^ picture also sums up the day haha. Also let it be noted that we were STARVING after our sealing. With the rush of the morning and having to be at the temple for awhile, it didn’t really cross our minds to eat. So when everyone went to Bahama Bucks after, of course we went too. Except the lines took forever and our stomaches were angry so we left and had some In-n-Out, courtesy of my father. Those burgers were gone in 3 minutes flat. haley+juan125 haley+juan128 haley+juan129

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