imageimageimageimage imageimageimage image image image imageimage image image imageimageThere are few foods I love more than peaches. Whenever my family gets those big boxes from Utah, I eat at LEAST one peach at every meal. Sometimes two. Or twelve. You get the idea. So I thought it was time I visit the Peach Festival out at Schnepf Farms. First off, the weather could not have been more amazing if it tried. It had rained all night the night before making it nice and cool and cloudy. Blue skies and fluffy clouds for days. Heck, I even wore a jacket. In May!! Thats unheard of in AZ. The twins were kind enough to join me on my little trip. We waited in line for the famous peach breakfast. Which, while delicious, I think we could have all shared one since the pancakes were gigantic. The best part was chillin’ with all the goats in the petting zoo. Not sure what it was about these goats, but the were the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Maybe because they were so tiny!  A group of them kept following Alex and would just rub their heads against his leg haha. Alyssa wasn’t too big of a fan. She thinks goats are gross. Don’t let here picture deceive you. Of course we we out into the orchards and picked a few peaches. Or tried out very hardest. The rain had made things quite muddy, so we filled up a little bag. Just enough to makes the tastiest cobbler that I’m going to eat right now.


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