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IMG_4037 IMG_4125 IMG_4139 Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset(a collection of random photos from this month. Obviously we are slackin’)

As of today, Juan and I have been married a month. A whole entire month! And we still like each other so that’s good. It’s been fun setting up our little house and having people over to play.  It still doesn’t feel real. We just share a house and money haha. But I HAVE  learned a few things over this past month of marriage. First, we are a family-size-bag of cheese family. Also a family-size-bag of tortillas family. Dishes breed faster than rabbits. Not having to part ways at night is probably my favorite thing ever. The amount of food two people consume in a week is actually quite large. It’s incredible the amount of things you realize you DON’T have when you’re first starting out. Like trash bags. Or spoons. If you have an N64 and candy, people will come visit you. Fridays and Sundays are still the best days of the week. It is possible to make more than 5 trips to Walmart in a week. Chocolate milk is underrated. Cleaning your own house is actually kind of fun. I will forever be spelling and sounding out my last name to strangers. Most of the time, they’ll still say it wrong. Staying up and watching movies is still the best, and always will be.  When people see you, they only know how to say, “Soooo how’s married life?” And you only know how to say, “It’s great!”

But really, it’s great. Should have done it a long time ago.

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