Around Christmas time, Juan & I were brainstorming what to get our families for Christmas. Juan had run into the “What should i get my parents?” roadblock, like most of us do. “Why don’t you get them family pictures??” I suggested. I’d gotten them for my parents a few years back, and thought I’d throw out the idea. He liked the idea. “Hmmm alright but who should take them?” I thought for a second, “Ask David!” David is a good friend of ours and I knew he’d be down to help us out. Juan let his parents know a few weeks before Christmas so they could plan ahead and let me know that we were going to take them before Christmas so they could use them for their Christmas cards. Very valid. Now in the back of mind I was thinking, hmmm, I’ll be in these pictures, so he’s gotta propose soooommetime in December, right?  Of course we’d talked about getting married, but I really had no idea when to expect that “official” stamp.

It was a cold Sunday morning. Juan picked me up and we met up with  the rest of the family, along with David and Katie (his wife, and my really good friend). So there we were, taking some nice normal family pictures.


Then to make things fancy, for the Christmas card of course, we whipped out the letters that spelled out MERRY CHRISTMAS. I had helped Juan’s mom make them the night before.

Family-20 (1)

Which of course meant we had to take turns standing in front of the festive sign.


When it was Juan & I’s turn to stand in front of the sign, David suggested that we move over to another spot. It was right here that I started to get a little suspicious. But only a little. So we all meander over and David points to where he wants us to stand. “Alright Haley why don’t you uhh I don’t know, sit on Juan’s leg or something” Hmmm alright cool. Then the following picture was taken, which mind you, I am totally oblivious to what’s happening behind me.


Then everyone kind of stood there and David asked if I wanted to see the picture. By this time I  was starting to catch on. David showed me the camera and I gasped. Nooowww I know why everyone  was acting weird. And why Katie was sneakily recording. And why  when I turned around Juan was down on one knee.


Then there was a lot more gasping and squealing and smiling and hugging and screaming.


Proposal-7    Proposal-11 Proposal-8

It was perfect in every way. I’m so glad I got to share such a special and exciting moment with some of my very favorite people/my new family! I’m also so happy to have that moment documented with amazing pictures. Shout out to the David & Katie! And shout out to Juan for surprising me so well. I had basically planned half of it myself and still didn’t suspect a thing.  And of course props to Juan because…that ring tho ❤

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

And let’s not forget my mom’s reaction:


I think she was okay with the idea.

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